Award list 2017


These are the award winners of ForadCamp 2017, 7th Nature and Cinema Exhibition.

Nature: all rights reserved, de Sebas Mulder

«Nature: all rights reserved», by Sebas Mulder, Foradcamp 2017 Best Documentary Jury Award.

      • The Jury, composed of Eulàlia Iglesias, Jorge Caballero and Arturo Redín, awarded the Best Documentary Jury Award, endowed with € 300, to the short «Nature: all rights reserved» by Sebastian Mulder. The Jury awarded the film «For offering the audience an space to re-examine the relationship we humans have with nature,  in a postmodern society, from a self reflective and ironic consciousness
      • Besides, the Jury gave a Special Mention to «Ur Artean», by Íñigo Jiménez and Jesús María Palacios. The Jury valued the film’s desire to «reconstruct the history of fascinating and mysterious figures, through a story about the loneliness of the human being in the midst of nature.«
      • The Audience Award went to Sebastian Mulder’s «Nature: all rights reserved
      • The Festhome Distribution Prize, consisting of bonus for the international distribution of the short, was for «E.B.C. 5,300 m«, by Léonard Kohli. INDOC, the association which gave the award, has valued the short film’s ability to «portray life in a critical and beautiful way at Everest Base Camp, showing with subtlety and proximity the tourist massification of adventure.«
      • Granollers Cultural Association Mention has been for «My cat in me«, by Katinka Baehr and Stefanie Visjager. The Jury highlighted «the good experimental work, the aesthetic originality and the density of the script«.

We want to thank the participation and collaboration of the Jury, audience, technical and politic staff of Figaró-Montmany and our sponsors.