ForadCamp Kids 2019

8th Nature and Cinema Exhibition 2019
ForadCamp Kids Section


Amintiri din copilărie (Childhood Memories, Mathieu Le Lay (France, 2018, 11’)


Each summer, Cata, Rares and Robert spend their vacation at their grandmother’s in Romania’s wild Carpathian Mountains, with an amazing imagination to create and discover beauty even in the smallest corner of the untamed.



Big booom, Marat Narimanov (Russia, 2017, 4’)


The history of humanity and of our planet in four minutes. An eco-friendly statement developed in a single shot that has humor, action and tragedy.

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Catastrophe, Jamille van Wijngaarden (Netherlands, 2017, 2’)

When a little bird suddenly drops dead in its cage, all eyes are on the cat. Desperately he tries to make everything right again, but actually making everything worse in the progress.

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City of Memories, Signe Tveitan (Denmark, 2017, 5’)


In the desert lies a mysterious city, where past lives are shown within the pink dust that fills the streets. A young orphan girl is stuck here, reliving the memory of her mother. When she makes a new friend, she is faced with a choice: to keep living in the past, or to break free and leave the city together.



Crab Story, Tatiana Poliektova, Filippo Rivetti (Russia-Australia, 2017, 4’)


What can happen if Crab finds Pineapple on the beach?

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Den Første Fjer (The First Feather), Sine Juhl (Denmark, 2017, 4’)


A story of the evolution of life and acceptance, told with stop-motion animation. From the moment the first dinosaur with a feather is hatched, he has to struggle to fit in among the other dinosaurs.




Florigami, Iva Ćirić (Croatia -Serbia, 2019, 5’)


A lonely white flower grows surrounded by other plants and every day it struggles to survive.





Fly away, Isaac King  (Canada, 2017, 4’)


Anchored to the ocean floor, a lonely sea kelp yearns to fly. His dream is realized, in this crisp story about the risks of change.

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The Inksect (La secta de insectos),  Pablo Calvillo (Mexico, 2016, 10’)


In a dystopian future where fossil fuels were exhausted, books were banned and confiscated as fuel for the fire and, with them, free thinking had been lost. Pikes, a young man member of the Inksect, fights to protect the few books left and ends up led to an even more important discovery: paper, pen and literacy.

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Our Wonderful Nature – The Common Chameleon,  Tomer Eshed (Germany, 2016, 4’)


The feeding habits of the common chameleon as never seen before.

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Peix al forn (Baked fish), Guillem Miró (Spain, 2018, 4’)


Typical Mediterranean recipe cooked in a critical way.

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Plantae, Guilherme Gehr (Brazil, 2017, 10’)


When cutting a massive tree deep inside the Amazon jungle, a logger contemplates an unexpected reaction of nature. A view upon the irreversible consequences of deforestation and subjugation by humans to the rest of Earth’s beings.

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Quma y las bestias (Quma and the beast), Ivan Stur, Javier Luna Cook (Argentina, 2019, 10’)

12,000 years ago in South America, a boy named Quma, driven by curiosity and the spirit of becoming a hunter, is lost in the mountains where he finds giant mammals and a totally new world for him.

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Sun Cream,  Aylin Gökmen (Switzerland-Hungary, 2017, 9’)


An excursion into the lost woods of childhood.


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Thermostat 6, Maya Avron, Mylène Cominotti, Marion Coudert, Sixtine Dano (France, 2018, 5′)


Diane can’t ignore the leak coming from the ceiling above the family diner anymore.




Tierra sin mal, Katalin Egely (Hungary-Argentina, 2017, 4′)


Throughout history people have always been searching for a perfect place. This short film, based on Guaraní mythology (Tierra sin mal), offers another point of view on paradise: what if the real paradise lives in harmony and unity inside us?

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