Awards & Jury 2018

These are the award winners of ForadCamp 2018, 7th Nature and Cinema Exhibition.

«Zirdzin, Hallo! (Hello, horse!)», by Laila Pakalnina, Foradcamp 2018 Best Documentary Jury Award.

      • The Jury, composed of Mercedes Álvarez, Sara Xiol and Raül Ruiz, awarded the Jury Prize for Best Documentary, to «Zirdzin, hallo!», by Laila Pakalnina. The Jury awarded it «for the original look of the director, which allows us to discover a new reading of the landscape, with the intermediation of the elements created by man, that stand between the viewer and nature. A very suggestive vision with a great planning and assembly work, in short, a minimalist short film that is at the same time very expressive«.
      • Also, the Jury granted a Special Mention to «Cucli», by Xavier Marrades, because, «from a small story of a character that is very close, and of his intimate relationship with a bird, he offers us his particular vision of universal themes such as mourning, death, the meaning of life, and acceptance of the positive and negative aspects of existence, showing love for the protagonists without falling into the melodramatic excess «.
      • The Audience Award also went to «Cucli«.

    «Cucli», by Xavier Marrades, Foradcamp 2018 Audience Award.

      • Distribution Prize sponsored by Festhome and awarded by INDOC, was for the short «Ligne Noire», by Mark Olexa and Francesca Scalisi, «for the narrative consistency, for the risky photography, for the careful work of sound and, above all, for portraying a clear and condensed way, with a memorable sequence plane, a deep conflict in the relationship between human beings and nature «.
      • Finally, Granollers Cultural Association Mention was for «Two ºC-New York City«, by Maxime Contour, «for its photography, framing, color and montage work, which provides an original look at New York«


The Jury of this year was formed by:

Mercedes Álvarez. Director. El cielo gira (2005), her first feature film, shot in his home town, Aldealseñor (Soria), was awarded at numerous international festivals such as Rotterdam, Cinéma du Réel, BAFICI, among others. The film has been distributed in France, Portugal, Holland, Latin America, USA, etc., and has been shown in more than 30 countries. Her second feature film, Mercado de futuros, has been selected in numerous festivals such as Rotterdam, Melbourne, Guadalajara, etc., and won the New Visions Award from Visions du Réel, Special Mention at BAFICI, Navaja de Buñuel from Versión Española at RTVE, and Best Documentary of the Spanish Film Festival of Nantes. In 2013, she was chosen to participate in the Venice Biennial together with Francesc Torres in the Catalan Pavilion with the work «25% Catalonia at Venice».

Sara Xiol. Graduated in Communication by the UOC University and programmer of the Mecal, International Short and Animation Film Festival of Barcelona. Between 2007 and 2011 she was the coordinator of the festival and all of its parallel projects (Mecal Air, International Network for the Diffusion of Short Films, Film Show of Québec, etc.), as well as video clip programming. She has also collaborated with Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival, she has written for several independent publications and she translates for the DeHavilland publishing house and several film festivals.

Raül Ruiz Miquel. Bachelor in Audiovisual Communication, and in Humanities, at Pompeu Fabra University. Film script studies at Emerson College (Boston), ESCAC, and other educational institutions. He has written for web, television and cinema. He has been a script reader, and he has written scripts for produced short films, and feature films (pending production). He has made documentaries, video-creation pieces and cultural reports. Journalist, critic and director of the program of news and film critic ‘La Cartellera’, on Betevé (Barcelona Television).