Previous editions

ForadCamp Exhibition has been taking place since 2011 in Figaró-Montmany town. During these years, many innovative documentary film directors as Neus Ballús, Jordi Morató, Jorge Tur, Laila PakalninaLois Patiño, Joanot Cortés, Christoph Müller, Corina Schwingruber, Víctor Vargas, Noemi Sjöberg, Lisa Birke, Simon Gillard, Andrea Ruffini, among others, screened their latest works in our Exhibition.

Trento Symphonia, by Flatform (ForadCamp 2015)

Zirdziņ, hallo!, by Laila Pakalnina (ForadCamp 2018)

We look forward to keep discovering great documentary short films where natural environment and independent cinema beat as one.