Official Section 2021



Antelopes, Maxime Martinot (France, 2020, 8’)

One day, one hundred and fifty years ago, thousands of antelopes threw themselves into the sea together.


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Fugledrengen (Bird boy), Simon Lereng Wilmont (Denmark, 2019, 22’)

When 12-year-old Reshat looks around him, he sees the oil fields of Azerbaijan. When he looks up dreamily, he sees pigeons flying to heaven. He misses his father, who died a year ago, and who also loved these birds. Reshat cautiously approaches the best pigeon keeper in the village. Will he teach him to train pigeons?



La ramada, Fernando Torres Salvador (Perú, 2020, 15’)

Jaime Estrada is the last artisanal fisherman of La Ramada beach, one of the most important ports in ancient Peru. The beaches of northern Peru are disappearing due to coastal erosion, climate change and urban sprawl. Don Jaime is the guardian of La Ramada and the traditional techniques used by the fishermen of this area two thousand years ago.

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Mars, Oman, Vanessa del Campo (Belgium-Spain, 2019, 20’)

Astronauts in the Omani desert or is it Mars? Bedouins who were once nomads, two teenagers with a passion for space, and newly arrived astronauts. Mars, Oman shows the human fascination for the vastness of the universe, proposing a reflection on exploration, colonialism and freedom.


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Midnight kids, Maxence Vassilyevitch (France, 2019, 23’)

350 miles above the polar circle, only accessible by air, Utqiagvik previously called Barrow, is the northermost town of Alaska and of the entire US. There, under the midnight sun, in front of the melting arctic ocean and its claustrophobic horizon, some young Inuits try to turn the town into their playground.

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Murmurations, Xavi Bou (Spain, 2019, 2’)

In winter, starlings gather in groups of hundreds of individuals. In order to confuse their predators they make an hypnotic flight called by the Anglo-Saxons ‘Murmurations’.




Polyfonatura, Jon Vatne (Norway, 2019, 20’)

Polyfonatura is an in-depth study of Eirik Havnes, a strange artist, and his creative process. We see him collecting sounds from nature with his self-made microphones, altering and assembling them into an epic musical composition, before finally performing it for a live audience.

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400 paires de bottes, d’Hélène Baillot & Raphaël Botiveau (França, 2020. 18′)

Somewhere in Italy, among the mountains, not far from the border with France, a man from West Africa puts on a pair of discount sports store boots


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Riafn, Hannes Lang (Germany, 2019, 29’)

Riafn is a cinematic journey into the soundscape of the Alps between artistic ideal and documentarian realism.


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Shadegan, Ako Salemi (Iran, 2020, 15’)

A day in the life of a 12 year old fisherman on his boat in Shadegan Pond, Iran. He sees the pond as a second home and the source of his family’s livelihood. He worries about the uncertain future of Shadegan Pond and his own future should the pond cease to exist.

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Ulisses, Joan Bover Raurell (Spain, 2020, 20’)

On November 19, 1980, an orca calf was captured in Icelandic waters. They called him Ulisses. He began his captivity in a Tarragona water park and became one of the stars of the Barcelona Zoo for more than 10 years. Finally, in 1994, Ulisses was transferred to Sea World in San Diego (USA), where he continues to lap in a swimming pool. This is the story of his odyssey.

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Waldstück (A piece of forest), Hannes Schilling (Germany, 2019, 25’)

50km east of Berlin was once a secret labor camp of the Nazis, of which there are no traces left today. A witness of the time, three ground and monument conservators and two war graves fans are asked to search for traces on the site. The confrontation with diary entries of former prisoners asks about the consequences of a fading culture of remembrance.

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